They went in haste to the unknown 

More often than not, our reaction to uncertainty and things of the unknown is rather interesting. For instance what will become of us the next 10mins or the next day is known to no one but God and our fate. And this turns to make us weary.But the shepherds in Luke’s Gospel of today, teach us how to approach matters of the unknown. After the vision of the angels appeared to them, they did three things: Believed, had Faith and Hoped against all hope. They approached the unknown(Bethlehem) with these three and behold their reward was the Messiah who had been born.

As we begin 2017, like the shepherds we need these three virtues to approach this new year with a positive spirit, trusting that God who has begun with us will sail through the storms ahead with us. And that through our Believe, Faith and Hope in him we will see His glory in this year. May Mary, Mother of all Christians pray for us now and until the hour of our death. Amen.




Let your light shine.

John in his gospel reminds us of how the light of God prevails over darkness, and Isaiah in today’s first reading tells us that this light has been given unto us when he said “Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you”. This is an indication that God always watches over His own.
The light which drew the Wisemen to the infant child in Matthew’s gospel of today is and was the same light that redirected the Wisemen through another path for fear of King Herod and his wicked plans. This is the light that we all as Christians bear testimony to and possess by virtue of our baptism. This is the very light that we receive at Communion and eat with faith. This is the same light that calls on us as His sons and daughters.

The question here is that, “Do we even know that this light is with and in us”? Let us begin to reflect on this and ask certain questions concerning our relationship with this light. Let us assess ourselves and see if we have been faithful to this light. Finally, let us seek to know whether or not we have been true light to the world. When all this is done, let us like Isaiah pray and say with confidence that, we have arisen and shone our light to the nations and know that our reward, is due us.
May the light of God be our guide and shield within this week, may He illumine our path this week and may His glory be upon us and our families this week. Amen.




In Judges 6:11ff, we read about the encounter between Gideon and the Angel of God. In his greetings, the Angel described Gideon as the “Mighty one of Israel” the liberator of the Israelites from the hands of the Midianites. In his response, Gideon described how least he and his family was in respect to being important hence a wrong choice in him as the liberator. Yet God had a plan for His people through Gideon.

Gideon demanded of God to wait on him as he went to sacrifice to Him(God). This was to ascertain whether or not he had been chosen by God to do his will. To his shock the Angel waited on Gideon till he returned with his sacrifice and this was a sign that God can indeed wait on man when it comes to sacrifices. Many are the times that as Christians we find ourselves in situations that seem to be the end of it all. Sometimes we come to church and what the priests tell us does not affirm the happenings in our lives, families and workplaces.

But today like Gideon I encourage you, make a sacrifice and offer it to God and trust you me, God will wait on you in your time of need and want. May we find the various forms of sacrifices we can make to God this week and the rest of the weeks away. May he enlighten our hearts and minds to know that he desires our sacrifices and praise and not just our being. And may God wait on us this week as we sacrifice and offer ourselves to Him.Amen.



Nana Kofi Adjei-Acheampong.